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There has never been a period in human history where the planet had witnessed changes so dramatic and swift. With the patchy march of globalization walking along the corridor, we steadfastly have an ardent belief in Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the metaverse.

It all began in 2016 with a group of technology enthusiasts who began researching disruptive technology as a hobby. We deeply and fully invest ourselves in bitcoin and blockchain because we understand the ever-evolving concept of money in this new digital era.

All of our research eventually led to the formation of Protocols and Tokens Private Limited in 2019. The Crypto Times, an open media consultancy based in Ahmedabad, India, began with the goal of educating our readers and raising awareness of the complexities and benefits of today’s digital revolution, from Blockchain to Metaverse.


Every second, the crypto world is updating itself with advancements, market competencies, and the adoption of new cryptos. To stay abreast of these ever-changing, fast-paced trends, one must be made aware every minute about the breaking news, events, investments, and trading patterns. Our mission is to meet the challenges posed by this disruptive technology as well as the dynamic global virtual currencies by providing our audience with vital, relevant, and up-to-date information.


We are results-driven and committed to delivering authentic and timely news on a consistent basis. With the necessary strategy, approach, and team spirit, we hope to establish a reputation for providing reliable news to our readers. 

The Crypto Times vision is to onboard people from a variety of perspectives, including crypto enthusiasts and those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

We want to promote a decentralized culture, beginning with ourselves, and encourage a dedicated workforce that sees the value in being associated with us.

We are zealous about achieving our objectives and welcome anyone who can adopt our drive as their own.

Come along with us on our journey toward a decentralized culture. For more information, please email us at info@cryptotimes.io

Why Trust us?

We’ve been in the crypto industry since 2016, and have witnessed all kinds of ups and downs, as well as seen the sector grow into this behemoth. We are constantly researching new technologies and keeping up with various communities and publishers to provide you with the most up-to-date and authentic pieces of information.

Our journalism standards – impartiality, truthfulness, transparency, and accuracy – will guide you through this fast-paced dynamic world thereby, fulfilling our goal of assisting the general public in understanding and successfully utilizing these technologies now and in the future.

At The Crypto Times, we firmly believe that change actually happens when all voices are heard. Join us on this journey, where there are millions of things to learn and comprehend.


Where Passion Meets Purpose: Uniting Minds, Empowering Change.

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